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'My Life Soup' is all 

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it shows your strengths - and helps you to discover how to bring out the 'Super Hero' that has been hidden inside. fml will be a thing of the past.

Fun - - the Red paper clip challenge

and after the video - stay and do the 30 point Multiple choice - 'Self Test' to discover your Hidden Strengths

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The Natural Thought Process NTP

The Natural Thought Process NTP

The Natural Thought Process NTP

just 5 steps that - You - take

1) observation provides

2) inspiration -leads to

3)a Heart-felt Idea - causing

4) the Universe to deliver an 'action thought'

5) - you - take action - causing 

your 'NTP wheel' to go into motion...

repeat 1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,1.....


Your NTP Wheel is 

in the wrong gear. 

It has a 'positive' and a 'negative' and 

you can

 'shift' direction now by

what you 'observe'.


Bad Day?

The Natural Thought Process NTP

The Natural Thought Process NTP

What is 'Life'?

1) a series of connected and related experiences.

2) 1.000's of 'micro' experiences every day

3) Q?- can we keep the 'bad micro' experience on it's own little island and not contaminate our good islands?

4) or do we want to have a really bad day?

Your Choice - Always


The 'Choice' is always Yours

The Natural Thought Process NTP

The 'Choice' is always Yours


deciding that 'you have no Choice' 




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Adventure Log


If you're one of my Coaching Clients watching this;

It's another example of what we're accomplishing in our sessions.

Watch Destin uncover his 'subconscious challenge'  as he attempts to hover a Robinson 22 helicopter.

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